Here you can view a selection of my poetry. I have recently had some poems published in The Galway Review and I’m building towards my first collection.

I hope you like them!

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To mark Ireland Poetry day 29 April 2021, I’ve recorded a short video reciting one of my poems – “No more content… please” – I hope you like it!

Time to Choose

Time to Choose - a poem by Eamon Walsh

We don’t usually watch the US presidential inauguration, but on the evening (our time) of Wednesday 20th January this year we did and what a wonderful event it was! We recorded it, and then we watched it again because it was worth re-watching. We wish President Joe Biden and first lady Dr. Jill Biden well on their journey and to the young poet who almost stole the show, we are in awe, Amanda Gorman you are amazing!

I was inspired to write these few words in honour of both of these people, my humble efforts at poetry are paltry by comparison but I hope you like them. It’s entitled “Land of the free” – Amanda Gorman – you ROCK!

Land of the Free

We watched the ceremonial inauguration,
For a new president of a once great but now
divided nation.
A devout man stands up and calls
for a united democracy,
To heal divisions caused by falsehood
and hypocrisy.

It’s time to draft a new scheme,
For the land of hopes and dreams.
It’s time to craft a different story,
For the land of hope and glory.

It’s time to chart a way out; of the darkness into light,
For every colour and religion; for it is their right.
It’s time to rid themselves of bigotry and hate,
Lest evil takes a hold and it’s too late.

Then a striking young woman takes the stand,
A parchment with a poem in her hand.
She is beautiful with elegance and grace
That belies the determination in her face.
And so cometh the poet of the hour
To deliver words of eloquence and power.

As she spoke “The hill we climb”,
Her delivery sublime,
On her every word we hung,
How could wisdom be so young?
But spoken words are powerful things,
The inspiration they can bring.
For all of us it’s plain to see,
America, Thank God; is still the home of the brave
And the land of the free!

For Joe & Amanda
Eamon Walsh January 2021


I gaze upon the morning frost
And think about the one we’ve lost.
Oh what I’d give for one last talk,
But I’m so lucky our paths crossed.

I step outside for a morning walk,
It’s freezing cold but I mustn’t balk.
I turn my head “What’s that I hear?”,
The lofty cry of a passing hawk.

Those final days were filled with fear,
What will we do when you’re not here?
Oh precious memories to keep,
And conversations I hold dear.

I know you were ready to take the leap,
And soar to heaven’s gate, so steep.
Rest now father, go to sleep,
Rest now father, go to sleep.

For Dad.
Eamon Walsh, December 2020.

Special one

At once our lives were filled with joy
The birth of you, our precious boy.
We held you close and often said;
What boyhood dreams will he deploy?

We did not know what lay ahead
The years of strife and fear and dread.
Why us? Why you? Did we do wrong?
A label, all our dreams now dead?

But you are oh so very strong
To a mighty clan do you belong.
Your future can and should be rife
With friends and love and laughs and song.

Go on now son and live your life
Free from trouble, stress and strife.
Go on now son and live your dreams
A future bright, full of sunbeams.

For Peter.
Eamon Walsh, December 2020.


Winter sun glows warm on my skin
Stirs memories of long lost kin.
Nearby a heron glides in flight
And lifts my spirits once again.

My fathers and forefathers plight
To till the land with all their might.
Tremendous toil in fields of stone
Each one ingrained with tales of blight.

The land was not even their own
Through tyranny, seeds of freedom sown.
And so a mighty people rose
Together they were not alone.

The time had passed for words and prose
To fight oppressions might they chose.
And lost so many lives God knows
So we, now free, plough new furrows.
We bear no grudge, for we forgive
Our enemies sins so the young might live.

For Freedom.
Eamon Walsh, December 2020.

Rejoice in the light

Rejoice, for it is Christmas day
A saviour born to light our way.
And lead us swiftly from the dark
So evil shall not win the day.

Arise all peoples, make your mark
For even though the futures stark.
We must not bow our heads and cry
Upon God’s plan we must embark.

What difference can I make, just I?
I often stop to wonder why?
It’s up to me and all of us
We have to act, we have to try.

Oh come all ye and join the masses
Goodness, peace and love we harness.
No more hatred, no more darkness
As one we stand, as one Rejoice!

For Hope.
Eamon Walsh, December 2020.
Photo by: Jennifer Blenkinsopp
For Hope.
Eamon Walsh, December 2020.
Photo by: Jennifer Blenkinsopp

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